Things You Need To Know About the (GTE) Requirement

Things You Need To Know About the (GTE) Requirement
The genuine temporary entrant (GTE) requirement is an integrity assessment that all applicants for a student visa must provide to substantiate that they are coming to Australia temporarily to gain a quality education and intend to use the student visa program for its intended purpose only and not as a channel to gain residency in Australia. GTE is the most common reason The Department of Home Affairs refuses student visas.We want to share some key tips to help you obtain a student visa.

Be Honest and Realistic

Present your case precisely and honestly. In your written statement, reflect what’s true to you and avoid unsupported reasoning. Avoid copying someone else’s GTE statement as everyone’s circumstances and reasons for study differ. Don’t hide anything, if your visa had been denied in the past, you failed a few subjects, be upfront and own up to it. Also Case Officers can generally tell if someone is being unrealistic with their statement. Providing a job offer for 2-3 years in the future is often unrealistic. Especially if the course you are studying is a vocational level.

Demonstrate your ongoing commitment to return to home country

The case officer wants to know that you have strong ties to your home country. You need to ensure you explain your personal circumstances in your home country. For instance, be sure to mention that all/most of your family members reside in your home country. Do you have any possessions in your home country? A house, a car, a business? Do you need to return to support family members? Is the job market improving? Perhaps you have some specific events in the future which require you to return to your home country. A family members wedding, a future education course you will need to take. The case officer will also take into account the economic circumstances of your home country. A common reason immigration case officers provide for refusals are that “based on the economic conditions in your home country, you would have little incentive to return.” You need to show there is enough other reasons for you to return home.

Explain why you have chosen this university and why Australia

It is important you have done research into your education provider that you want to attend. You should include:
  • how the course/s you’re intending to enroll is related to previous qualifications and /or employment.
  • the relevance of the course/s to your future career and/or educational plans
  • the type of employment you will be looking for after the completion of your studies and which country you intend to work
  • the possible salary increase with your intended qualification
  • potential employers you have contacted in your home country
  • information about other countries (including Australia if applicable) that you hope to move to for work upon graduation
  • a list of career opportunities that you would be eligible for upon graduation (you can include evidence from employment websites, research and company websites)
  • info on salaries that companies are currently offering for similar roles (evidence from company and job websites)
  • a business plan and supporting documents if you are pursuing study in Australia for the purpose of starting a business when you return to your home country
  • Factors that will be considered by the Department of Home Affairs include:
  • level of knowledge of the proposed course and education provider
  • precious study and qualifications
  • the relevance of the course to proposed future employment in your home country or a third country
Also explain the reasoning behind why you have chosen Australia. You should provide details of your living arrangements while in Australia, details of your partner/spouse, children, siblings, relatives or friends who are in Australia, especially if you are living with any of them. Factors that will be considered by the Department of Home Affairs include:
  • family ties that offer a strong reason for you to stay in Australia
  • financial stability to pay for your stay (cost of living, course and travel expenses) in Australia
  • past study history and qualifications
  • expected salary and other benefits that you will gain if you got your qualifications from the proposed course of study
  • if you paid all your debts to the Australian Government

About your academic progression

If you had a gap in your previous study, explain the reasons why you didn’t maintain your enrollment: Some likely situations include:
  • you’re applying to extend your current visa as a result of failing to pass subjects in your current degree
  • you’re applying to extend your current visa because you were medically unfit to complete the course
For situations like the ones described above, ensure you provide full details explaining the circumstances and include all supporting documents to support your claim.

Explain your immigration history

Explain the countries that you have visited in the past. Explain the previous visas you have obtained to Australia. This will demonstrate to the case officer that you have abided by previous visa conditions. If you have ever overstayed your visa or not abided by previous visa conditions, explain the reasons why you overstayed and how you have changed since the incident. Generally speaking, the more temporary visas you have applied for in Australia, the greater the chance of refusal. If you have already remained in Australia for 3, 4 or 5+ years, you will need to demonstrate to immigration that you are not just studying this course as a way to remain in Australia.

Provide supporting documents

Talk is cheap. You need to back your statement up with documentary evidence to support what you wrote. Can you provide:
  • Letters of reference from employers
  • Evidence you can support yourself financially in Australia
  • Previous education documents
  • Enrollment or Application forms into another course
  • Evidence of property ownership in your home country
  • Evidence of business ownership in your home country
  • Return tickets out of Australia
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